The New Ali Cat from Garcia

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This rugged catamaran follows in the wake of the Garcia 45, which was developed in conjunction with Jimmy Cornell, founder of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers and one of the world’s most experienced long-distance cruising sailors, with more than 200,000 miles logged at sea. The 45 is a no-nonsense lifting keel aluminium monohull designed to reach to the furthest corners of the globe – indeed Cornell specified his with the aim of sailing through the North-West Passage, between Russia and Alaska.
The Explocat 52 is an aluminium multihull with a lightweight composite coachroof that follows a very similar ethos, which puts it in a very different part of the market to the majority of cruising catamarans, which tend to be designed for more leisurely sailing in more benign parts of the world. The boat was developed in close cooperation with naval architect Pierre Delion with the aim of creating a seaworthy, safe and comfortable vessel that would be equally suited for use in the tropics and when adventure sailing in high latitudes.

Standard equipment includes crash boxes and watertight bulkheads in each hull, along with optimized and centralised weight distribution. The latter both improves performance and makes for a more comfortable motion at sea. Similarly, high bridge deck clearance above the static waterline minimises wave slapping between the hulls.

In common with other large catamarans, there’s a forward cockpit with direct step-free access from the saloon. The clear and simple deck plan is designed to be easily operated by a small crew. Accommodation is offered in either three or four cabin layouts, both of which benefit from generous headroom of at least 2.05m (6ft 8in), and a high level of thermal insulation throughout, including double-glazing. The precise layout and specification of each boat will vary, allowing owners to tailor their boat to best suit their planned voyages.
Overall length 16.30m
Hull length 15.85m
Beam 8.5m
Draught 1.5m
Displacement 19,000kg
Upwind sail area 167sq m
Air draught 25.5m
Engines: 2 x 75hp diesels
Fresh water tankage: 2 x 400 litres
Fuel capacity: 2 x 400 litres

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