Banish seasickness with award winning remedy

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From a total of 115 products entered into the recent METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) product design award contest, 52 were nominated to go forward for final judging by the DAME Jury. They eventually chose seven Category Winners and one Overall Winner, with the selection coming from twelve different nations.

The DAME (Design Awards METS) for innovative new nautical products has become a regular annual feature at the Amsterdam show. The publicity around these builds through the year as hopeful designers and manufacturers present their products for nomination in several categories.

On a subject close to our hearts (crew and guest comfort at sea) we picked out an interesting category winner that is well worthy of mention: Under the heading of ‘Clothing and Crew Accessories’ the award went to the rather strangely named ‘Boarding Ring.’  This is basically a special pair of spectacles that have been proven to prevent seasickness, and were developed for the French Navy!

Offered in several models including child and sunglass versions, the common feature of Boarding Ring glasses is that they provide a virtual horizon in the peripheral field of view of the wearer. They are used to cure motion sickness when symptoms appear. All models except the sunglass type can be worn over prescription lenses. The Jury didn’t consider boarding ring glasses to be a fashion statement but I guess they understood that when you are feeling sea sick, looking cool is the last thing on your mind! It welcomed the launch of an innovative solution, strong on functional design, which focuses on improving crew comfort at sea…I’m sure we all echo that sentiment!

DAME categories

The DAME Jury carefully assess entries for overall design, build quality, functionality, and use of materials. Other factors taken into account are originality, ergonomics and price/quality ratio. The short listed products are divided into seven categories:

  1. Marine electronics and related software
  2. Interior equipment, furnishings, materials, and electrical fittings used in cabins
  3. Marina equipment, boatyard equipment, and boat construction tools and materials
  4. Deck equipment, sails, and rigging
  5. Clothing and crew accessories
  6. Lifesaving and safety equipment
  7. Machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems, and fittings
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