Riva Annouced Largest Ever Yacht

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Following on from recent articles about how yachts are ever increasing in size Riva Yachts, the iconic brand of the Ferretti Group, has announced plans for the launch of the magnificent 122’ Mythos. A far cry from the classic wooden decked speedboats that once defined their brand. But, just like car manufacturers Porsche, Riva have realised that their customer now needs some space with that style.

The new model will make history as the shipyard’s first aluminium planing megayacht, and its largest model ever produced. Built entirely from light aluminium alloy, it marks a special collaborative effort between Riva and CRN Mega Yachts, another branch of the Ferretti Group.

CRN will lend its Ancona shipyard, better suited for the construction of large-scale yachts,  for the production of the Riva 122’ Mythos. This will renew a working relationship between the two prominent shipyards that began 40 years ago.

The yacht has been designed to meet the demand for clients seeking the unmistakable Riva qualities but in the form of a larger mega-yacht. Anticipated for completion at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014, the 122’ Mythos will add a new element to the existing portfolio of the 170-year-old Italian brand.

The yacht was designed by Mauro Micheli of Officina Italiana Design, the team in charge of designing all Riva models, in close collaboration with Advanced Yacht Technology (AYT), Ferretti Group’s research and naval design centre, and Centro Stile Ferrettigroup, a talented team of architects and designers.

Riva 122’ Mythos will be produced by the skilled and experienced CRN shipyard in Ancona, the production plant of the Ferretti Group which specialises in the construction of mega yachts up to 90 metres, strengthening ties between the two shipyards that go back to the 1970’s.

Famous for style, beauty, innovation and design, Riva is best known for the smaller models such as the Aquarama, recognisable as the gorgeous mahogany yachts seen in films including the James Bond series, The Italian Job and Ocean’s Twelve.

Riva is loved by celebrities around the world, with owners such as Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, George Clooney and Sean Connery. Considered as the finest boats on water, the legendary Riva is more than just a yacht; it is a lifestyle …

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