Chartering a Yacht in Split – The Do’s and Don’ts of Croatian Sailing

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For the yacht charter regulars, Spit is one of those places that are ideal for starting out your exploration of the yacht charter Croatia coastline, since the Dalmatia region is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in the Adriatic.

Why come here

Packed full of historical monuments showcasing the Roman settlement that was made famous by Diocletian’s Palace, Split is, without a doubt, one of those places you simply have to see to believe. The way the old seems to fuse and coexist with the new in this place is fantastic and it’s caused by the many civilizations that have wondered by in yacht charter Split along the centuries.

And since this is a respectable Croatian resort, there are serious shopping opportunities like the artistic Podrum underground shopping center, the Enoteka Terra known for its wine and spirit selections, as well as the wide assortment of fashion boutiques which are lined along the Marmontova streets.

Yachting and Chartering

The local marina is called the ACI Split marina, and aside from being part of the prestigious ACI Club (Adriatic Croatia International), it’s also one of the oldest marinas in the country. It sits in the northwestern part of the bay that makes up yacht charter Split harbor.

The marina is surrounded on all sides by breakwaters due to its position on the shoreline which gives it excellent protection from currents and strong southern winds. The entrance to the shoreline is close to shore, facing to the north which gives it access to the calmer part of the bay waters. You’ll find the marina at the 43°30,1′ N 16°26,0′ E coordinates and while it is rather busy during the summer months, it does stay open throughout the year.

The yacht charter Split marina has 364 berths on the water destined for boats that have a maximum draft of 3m and a hull length of 70m tops. For those who wish to winter their boat here or store it, the marina provides an additional 70 dry berths on land. This is pretty big marina by local standards so you should find a mooring place anytime of the year but in the summer, the 400 berths seem to get booked very fast so keep in mind to book ahead.

Among the facilities being offered to those mooring at the yacht charter marina, you’ll find electricity (220V), running water, showers and bathrooms, restaurant, reception, exchange office, a laundry services as well as a market. For boat repairs on site, there is a repair shop which operates a 10t crane, a 35t slipway and a gas station which you’ll find in front of the Marjan hotel, 100 m from the marina.

Being a large harbor and a port of entry, yacht charter Split benefits from a customs office, which is an added bonus for sailors who sail to Croatia via Split. That means they can take care of all the formalities at the harbor master.

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